Services - Assetment Management

Today›s exceptionally challenging investment environment requires a stronger focus than ever. We intend to take this responsibility seriously – NOMW Capital's Asset Management team is committed to making the right investments within the EMEA and, where our local knowledge and contacts shine the most, within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the GCC.

NOMW Capital caters to a diversified customer base of companies, family offices and high net-worth individuals. Customers benefit from investment opportunities that achieve high risk-adjusted returns compatible with Shari'a laws and principles. This is largely due to our careful investment due diligence and selection process in a variety of sectors and different geographic areas inside Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Middle East, North Africa, Emerging Markets in select GlobalMarkets.

The assets managed by NOMW Capital vary between the following:

  1. Real Estate Investment
  2. Private Equity
  3. Venture Capital
  4. Structured funds & Specialist Products
  5. Fixed Income Instruments
  6. Asset Management Solutions