Mecca Investment Fund

NOMW Capital follows careful procedures in the selection and delivery of its investment transactions by conducting the necessary studies until the exit stage in order to achieve maximum returns to investors of the company and its shareholders.

NOMW Eskan Real Estate Fund – Makkah Al Mokarramah

NOMW Eskan Real Estate Fund aims to achieve capital growth over the medium to long term and to achieve attractive returns for investors by investing in one or more of real estate development projects for the accommodation of pilgrims in Makkah Al Mokarramah, manage the project then lease or sell it, by either preparing general plans for development and the constructing residential buildings, and/or sell pieces of land to real estate developers, companies and individuals to carry out construction projects on them. The Fund operates in cooperation with the Eskan Development and Investment Company, which is very well known by its extensive experience in the development and implementation of similar real estate projects in the holy city of Makkah.

Start of fund’s operations 1 March 2015
Type of the fund Closed Real Estate Investment Fund, in compliant with Islamic Shari’a
Tenor of the fund 5 years
Size of the fund SAR 205 million
Targeted IRR 14%