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NOMW Capital, Best New Investment Management Company in Saudi Arabia in 2015
Capital Market Authority
March 23, 2016

NOMW Capital, the leading company in investments and investment funds sector in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, has won the award for (Best New Investment Management Company in Saudi Arabia in 2015) by the International Finance Magazine (IFM) during the annual awards of the global prestigious institution, which was held recently in London, which was attended by high-level audience of elite group of industry leaders and representatives of major financial and banking institutions from around the world.

The IFM awards is considered one of the most important international events for honoring individuals and institutions that provided the highest innovation and excellence standards in the global financial sector, as well as highlighting the leaders in the emerging institutions, which showed high performance in the face of the market challenges.

Dr. Nasser bin Aqeel Al Tayyar, Chairman of NOMW Capital commented on the Award: “we are pleased with what we have achieved over the past year, which was evident by achieving this important award, which will sure push us to do more in the coming period, we have learned from our wise leaders in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, that the real achievement is that motivates you to work more, and the past is only to inspire experiences and move towards a new horizon”, pointing out that the award is the result of the effort and work of all employees of the company, and this award supports the ambitious plan being pursued by NOMW Capital in expanding its services, and to achieve the appropriate balance of investment portfolios between asset classes, sectors, and regions, attracting investors from new geographies, and interact with the changing market conditions and take advantage of investment opportunities arising. Dr. Nasser Al-Tayyar also explained what distinguish NOMW Capital in the market is the commitment to provide quality in its services and products, which is based on the principles of honesty and transparency in its relationships with its shareholders and investors.

Dr. Abdulrahman Tolefat, the Company’s Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer said: “we are honored to receive this high-level award (Best New Investment Management Company of 2015) from one of the most specialized institutions in monitoring the performance of the financial and banking sector companies, in recognition of our contributions in this area over the past year, and achieve the aspirations of shareholders and investors in light of the constant changes in market conditions.

He added that NOMW Capital succeeded in achieving a return of 17% to its shareholders in the first year of operations of the company. The Company arranged around SAR 1.0 billion for many real estate companies operating in the Kingdom, as well as arranging the acquisition of a leading company transportation and logistics sector, which is a promising sector in the Kingdom. In addition, NOMW Capital has established a SAR 205.0 million real estate fund in Makkah, the first of its kind to invest in for Haj and Omra hospitality sector.

Dr. Tolefat said that NOMW Capital has worked since its inception to build a strong network with investors and financial institutions in the Kingdom and the Gulf region; and is keen to provide services and products that work to achieve the financial goals in light of the constant changes in market conditions and in line with the expectations of investors.