Wealth Management

Wealth Management

NOMW Capital offers Wealth Management services to it's customer base of institutions, individuals and sovereign funds; taking into account their immediate, medium term and long term needs.

Wealth managers at NOMW Capital work closely with clients to understand the level of investment risk aversion, the characteristics of their investments and the returns they seek to achieve before providing them with strategic advice and guidance to enable them to achieve their goals.

Wealth Management solutions offered by NOMW Capital include the following products:

Portfolio Management:

offering discretionary portfolio management on behalf of clients and their needs. In addition to rendering specialist financial solutions to high net worth individuals, family offices and providing our own dedicated portfolio managers with a client focus.

Direct Investment Programs:

introducing clients to quality direct private placement opportunities.

Alternative Investments:

introducing clients to various carefully selected funds, funds of funds, hedge funds, commodities, real estate and infrastructure, real assets, intellectual property, private equity, venture capital and other alternatives for portfolio diversification and optimization.

Financial Planning Services:

Financial mediation at the local, regional and international levels. In addition to estate, tax, risk management, retirement, educational charitable planning.

Fixed Income Investments:

introducing clients to various fixed income and Islamic yielding instruments. Portfolio Financing Facilities: advising and arranging portfolio leverage for clients.