Nomw   Capital

Investment Banking Investment Banking is a department that specializes in creating and raising capital for entities. Creating the capital is done through underwriting either debt or equity securities, selling securities, merger and acquisitions, and restructuring and reorganizing. It also has an advising role for investors from a wide array of segments. The Investment Banking team at NOMW Capital consists of specialists who are fully aware and perceptive of the nature of the markets. This trait grants them the ability to provide corporate finance management solutions, investment banking services, and the development of optimal structures that achieve high added value. The Investment Banking team at NOMW Capital enjoys a strong relationship with local and regional financial institutions. With their pronounced experience in raising capital, they are able to provide advice on:


Corporate Finance:
Among our vision and Services is corporate Finance, using solutions compatible with Islamic Sharia principals. The company’s focus is on mergers and acquisitions, leveraged acquisitions and distressed companies, general and mezzanine financing, asset financing, and leasing.


The investment banking team at NOMW Capital has strong relationships with banks in Kingdom of Saudi Arbia; which enables them to assist companies in obtaining financing. It also includes advisory services to raise capital through operations (private placement and public offering- issuance of priority rights shares and Sukuk and debt instruments compatible with Islamic Sharia) in addition to strategies various types of investments with the best tax and legal benefits.


Corporate Restructuring:
NOMW Capital assist in restructuring companies, by providing advice on how to reorganize the operations and Financial issues, meet their debts and obligations, increase their profits, and achieve effective results that enable them to overcome financial difficulties. Also, developing and implementing strategies for exiting the businesses and strategies in the event of bankruptcy.


Financial & Strategy Advisory:
Consulting is one of the most remarkable services provided by NOMW Capital; where strategic planning is an essential tool used by commercial entities to reach their goals in the fastest time. The specialized team at NOMW Capital provides several services under this framework, such as defining appropriate business strategies, studying and preparing financial models and business plans, and assisting in feasibility studies.


Private Equity and Venture Capital Funds:
NOMW Capital provides some services related to the funds, including of the commercial entity, due diligence, preparation of financial models and business plans, preparation of investment proposal documents and materials required by the Capital Market Authority, marketing the investment opportunity, and communication with potential investors.