Nomw   Capital

In financial service business like NOMW, teams comprised of the finest members define our promise to be the best for clients and shareholders. Members who join our team have been selected for exhibiting high integrity, commitment, passion and competency towards the success of capital markets, and who share aligned long-term vision with NOMW in growing with the firm and ultimately becoming industry leaders.



Our organizational structure is designed to foster leadership in every team member and provide an integrated platform for executing and delivering exceptional value for our Investors. As we possess an uncompromising determination to achieve excellence, NOMW operates as a beacon of talent where expert minds and sheer determination come together under a uniformly shared and lean system where everybody contributes, ideas are challenged, skills are honed and experience is shared.


Core Competencies


A team of analysts characterized with an insightful vision and familiarity of markets are equipped with a plethora of research capabilities and industry contacts, allowing for extensive analysis of the geopolitical, macro and micro universe of select investments.

The team possesses the ability to screen and prepare strategies to deliver domestic and cross border opportunities in context of specific investment objectives.

Through a combination of applied research and precision networking, our analysts identify target investments and draw a clear picture of future expectations in light of foreseeable market changes and economic and political developments.


Our management is distinguished with their ability to:

  • Express their passion and success towards capital markets through rendering innovate solutions
  • Hire and retain experts and resources to better serve the clients' needs
  • Build constructive and long-term relationships with clients, vendors and sellers
  • Train and mentor analysts to produce sophisticated and timely analysis of investment opportunities
  • Educate clients on the investment opportunities through effective presentations and high-quality deliverables
  • Originate unique and strategic opportunities for our clients and shareholders
  • Develop a complete and timely understanding of each investment opportunity
  • Execute and lead with excellence throughout the entire deal cycle
  • Utilize the most effective combination of financial instruments and legal frameworks to capitalize on any given opportunity

Meet the Members of our Management Team


Turki Abdulaziz Bin Marshoud

Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director

Mushabab Saad ALQahtani

Senior Manager Compliance and AML

Moath Abdulaziz Alqasem

Financial Manager

Abdullah Abdulaziz Al-Ghannam

Head Of Asset Management

Abdullah Al-Shehri

Custody & Operations Manager